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Until the Summer Nights Return...

Climb the Stairs and Step into my Dreamhouse

16 December
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thewaterswarm is an unintentionally single, gay man living just outside of London in a light, airy, one bedroomed flat situated in the leafy green suburbs. thewaterswarm loves seeing his many friends in London and around the UK. He enjoys cult tv, swimming, meditation and going to the cinema and theatre. thewaterswarm has many other interests too.

thewaterswarm is optimistic, modest, humourous and tries hard to be happy. He hopes you enjoy reading his journal as much as he enjoys writing it.
24, adam phillips, affection, alan partridge, alan watts, albert campion, alias, andrew davies, angel, apple, arvo part, banana fish, battlestar galactica, bavo defurne, bfi, big finish, blackadder, blackbooks, books, boyfriend, brian eno, buffy, buster keaton, charlie parker, chi kung, chinese astrology, chinese food, chocolate cake, christopher isherwood, christopher rice, clint eastwood, cream teas, danger man, david sylvian, debussy, derek jarman, doctor who, dollhouse, dr who, earthly powers, ed wood, faction paradox, feng shui, films, fountain pens, friends, fritjof capra, gay, gay rights, global communication, green tea, h.p. lovecraft, hammer horror, harold budd, helen merrill, hellblazer, hellsing, herb alpert, hugs, i ching, i claudius, incense, iphone, james whale, japan, jennings, jim moray, jo caulfield, john mortimer, john wyndham, johnny depp, jon hassell, jung, kenneth williams, kisses, kissing, klimt, kuan yin, lalla ward, laurel k. hamilton, lawrence miles, lestat, lonesome dove, loreena mckennitt, lost, lost souls, louise brooks, love, luther arkwright, m.r. james, macbook, margery allingham, marmite, meditation, meeting new people, michael brook, miles davis, mind machines, monogamy, movies, my bed, my flat, nigel kneale, norfolk, nosferatu, nothing, patrick wolf, paul magrs, peggy lee, poppy z. brite, quatermass, queer, queer as folk, radio four, reading, robert holmes, round the horne, rumpole, sapphire and steel, sci-fi, seaside, secondhand books, sherlock holmes, shortbread, silent films, simplicity, six feet under, smallville, steve and ghost, sue perkins, survivors, suzanne vega, swimming, tai chi, taoism, tarot, tea, the book group, the smiths, the tomorrow people, the west wing, tim burton, trueblood, ultraviolet, universal horror, vampires, willow, woody allen.