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Bank Holiday

So far so good. A decent weekend is being had. Down at my folks in Sussex yesterday. Good food, nice wine and of course chocolate. Shame about the weather, so we couldn't really get out, but it was good to catch up and find out what's been going on with all the relatives. I lent them last years "24" which will look good on their new widescreen. I decided to come back late last night rather than stay over. I wanted to wake up in my own bed. And I then had a chance to watch another episode of "Queer as Folk". Series Two doesn't quite have the energy of series one and it's deviating wildly from the UK, Russell T. Davis original. I think that works well. RTD is hardly the greatest plot merchant as Saturday's triumphant return of Doctor Who only goes to prove. Steven Moffat certainly knows how to write a plot!

Twitter was even trending Doctor Who and Matt Smith: 8 million viewers on yesterdays count. Bound to go up by the end of the week when they take into account everyone who taped it. The only disappointment was the new re-working of the theme which was pants. Shame because the previous version really stirred you up. 

Matt Smith is great as the Doctor and Karen Gillan was awesome. A really ballsy, slightly off beat character. And stunningly beautiful too. What is it with Doctor Who companions and red hair? Her back story is great too. 

Not sure what to do with today. More clothes shopping perhaps? Everything is wearing out and I need new shirts. There were some really nice trousers in Howies made of a denim type material - not exactly Jeans but they looked good.
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