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Time In vs Time Out

Good to have a day off and nice to wake up late for a change. The light was creeping in through the curtains, so much better than the pitch black of my usual 5am start to the day.

I have very vague plans this weekend, which is how I like it. I don't feel too tethered down then. The working week is so much dictated by time - appointments, meetings, deadlines, that free time where there are no firm boundaries or commitments is absolutely glorious. That said, I do have family stuff to do on Sunday. I haven't decided whether to stay over or come back that evening though.

The downside is the risk that I'll spend a good proportion of the weekend on my own. It feels a bit weird because the last 10 days have been revolving around the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival with meals out with different combinations of friends for different films.

I wish I could somehow work out how to get the right balance between socialising and solitude. I never seem to get it right. 
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