thewaterswarm (thewaterswarm) wrote,

The Primal Blueprint

Friday evening. I'm feeling wonderfully relaxed after an acupuncture session earlier on. I managed to stretch it out to 10 days since my last one, which since they have become a lot more expensive is probably the only way I'm going to be able to afford them. If I can get it to once a fortnight that will be ideal.

I've been feeling a bit weird this week. It may be that I'm recovering from the overindulgence of last week, which I spent in a very nice hotel in Brighton. Eating and drinking far too much. Alas the swimming pool didn't get the look in I'd planned. Very pretty men in Brighton. I think I need to start getting fit for the summer after all that excess. Even the acupuncturist noticed I'd put on some weight. I think he meant it as a compliment as I'm normally quite skinny, but it just felt that I really need to watch what I eat for the next week! Still I'm quite interested in the Primal Blueprint. I bought it from Amazon a couple of weeks ago and I'm about half way through. The idea is that you eat like a paleolithic person - nuts, fruit, vegtables and meat and fish. So no grains, minimal dairy and nothing artificial. I like the idea though I'm going to have trouble giving up tea, coffee and alcohol. You don't have to stop those entirely but I always drink far too much tea and coffee and I like alcohol at the weekends. I don't mind giving up grains and I like veg and fruit meat and fish so that's no hassle. We'll see.
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