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A really good night's sleep. My head hit the pillow and then I woke up a couple of minutes before the alarm. Really refreshing. The journey to work was made tolerable by listening to the audio book of Margery Allingham's The Mind Readers. I read this ages ago so can't remember much of it, except that it's one of her later mysteries, so her detective, Albert Campion is in his sixties or early seventies at this point in his career. Campion hasn't appeared so far but it has all the trappings of a good yarn.

I spent most of the day writing a hideous report which was really hard work. But I received positive feedback from my manager so all is good. I realised I hadn't written up the minutes of the last LGBT meeting so stayed an extra hour after home time to get it done and send it out in preparation for next week's meeting.

Mum and Dad are phoning tonight. Not sure that there is much more to say after all the chat on Sunday. Still we'll see.

The election coverage is gearing up. If either Labour or Conservatives get in it feels like it'll be a disaster. I think I want a hung parliament. Perhaps then we would get some sensible policies. I'm really concerned about what either of the main parties would do to the BBC. The BBC is the only decent thing about this country at the moment. The one thing that government hasn't had the opportunity to ruin. I shudder to think what either of the main parties would do to it.
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