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My uncle died last week. He was 94. A very reasonable age and he wasn't very well, poor man. I can't go to the funeral, but I can go to the memorial service in about six weeks time.

The sun's still shining but my mood feels stuck.  There seems to be no doubt that it's very linked to consumption of alcohol which means I'm facing a teetotal future - at least over the coming months. It's not even that I drink that much. I don't drink on work nights and not on Sunday, so there's only Friday evening and Saturday. But I don't really know how I can manage to lift myself out of this unless I accept that it'll be still water or orange juice from here on. Alcohol is a depressant so I guess if I'm vulnerable I'm going to be sensitive and react badly.

Doctor Who was terrible on Saturday. Such a disappointment. Matt Smith and Karen Gillan were still great but the script was a real stinker and they've redesigned the Daleks and they look crap! 

I think the Nick Clegg bubble is going to burst soon. The media are building him up and no doubt they will soon be knocking him down. The debate last week was more interesting than I'd expected. Clegg had nothing to loose and everything to gain. I'm keen for a hung parliament. That seems to me to be the only way there's a chance that the electoral system might change. I discovered an interesting link on Twitter which shows how the main parties voted on LGBT issues during recent times. Guess which party comes off worse? Check out
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