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The Shed (again)

I'm feeling pretty annoyed today. I've had to put up with a really horrible shed in the communal garden which my bedroom and sitting room windows overlook. I was very pleased to hear, several months ago, that it had to be demolished because the roof was rotten. Now one of my neighbours is volunteering to repair it for free. It's very frustrating, especially as I'd had a conversation with this particular person explaining why I wanted it removed and he seemed quite accepting of the idea.

I'm getting really fed up with these constant arguments with neighbours over changes to the building. This particular person seems hellbent on making everyone's life a misery by making unhelpful suggestions like painting the outside wall black so it doesn't show up the dirt! It then takes a lot of time and effort to argue against all his ideas and wait for everyone (there are four eight flats in total) to respond. 

Perhaps I ought to move!
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