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good and bad

Friday evening was a bit of right off. I should have stayed home. Woke up with a hangover. Not a good start to the weekend. The weather was nice and I managed to do some shopping in the West End. Couldn't find the audio books I was looking for though. Spent the afternoon back at home reading The Primal Blueprint and watching Outnumbered from Thursday - Brilliant as ever!

In the evening it was the GLADD Annual General Meeting. A weird speech from Iona Heath about discrimination which seemed to revolve around stereotyping and criticising psychiatrists. I wasn't quite sure what to make of it really. Still I was sat next to a really nice guy from Warwick University who was really interesting. An ex Chemistry graduate who had become a post grad medical student. It would be nice to see him again. On my other side was an ex cabin crew at BA who was training to be a dentist. He made some inappropriate comments about cerebral palsy and electric toothbrushes. He did say sorry afterwards. I think the wine had been flowing. It was a very enjoyable evening though and the food was excellent. Rafik mentioned something about a walk with Outdoor Lads today but he didn't text me about it. I suspect they went out clubbing last night and 5 mile treks along the river weren't really a viable option for today, despite the weather.

I bought a shirt in Kingston. The only one in my size in one of the colours I wanted. I had planned on getting four. Selfridges next week perhaps? I watched yesterday's Dr Who which was again quite excellent and very creepy. Karen Gillan is a breath of fresh air and Matt Smith is delightfully quirky. I think he's got a wider range than David Tennant. A.A. Gill made an interesting comment in today's Sunday Times that Tennant seemed to have a very limited number of expressions. Looking back and comparing him to Smith I think that's quite true. But what was that about. Tennant as an actor has quite a wide range. Why was he restricting his performance so much I wonder? Was that RTD?
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